Monday, December 22, 2008

For a pessamist I'm surprisingly optimistic...

I just read back over this for the first time in a while. And I see that I left this on an extremely negative note. So for anyone who was wondering if I had jumped off the nearest cliff in response to my little rant; I’m here. For the rest of you who didn’t care either way.. I’m still here. Despite the massive credit crunch that is now overshadowing most of the world, and in particular the American Financial Industry. Oh what a fine time to be working in a bank.

Suffice to say, I now have more to worry about than whether I like my job or not. Which luckily for me has now taken an upturn. My original manager has gone on sick leave and I have been moved to another department, which is completely different to what I was doing before hand. I find myself constantly busy, which is awesome, and it seems to have affected my confidence. I now love coming to work! Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I seriously do enjoy it now compared to before, and the days are just flying past. I seem to have lost the knack of arriving promptly at 8.10 am with the drawing in of the chilly and dark mornings, so I am rolling up just before 9 now, but I am staying till 5.30, so I still can’t be told that I am slacking. But all in all, I am enjoying being in work these days, and it certainly has given me a different perspective.

Being busy keeps me occupied and it builds my confidence when I can juggle various different tasks at once and still manage to keep on top of things. I think this is what I needed all along, but hey, good things come to those who wait!

Other than work, I don’t suppose I have been up to too much.

November came and went almost without registering really. I went to see a Knicks game at Madison Square Gardens for a friend’s birthday, which was really good. The next day, I went to see the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace (loved it!) and then went ice-skating in Central Park with some mates. So I guess I have done the quintessential New York Christmassy thing now. Which is pleasing. What was less pleasing, and more painful, was falling face first onto the ice in front of this guy I had just met and was trying to impress. I think that did the trick. Whacked my knees off the ice and then slid out for a few feet, ensuring that my clothes were soaked. Which is a little chilly when you are on the ice. Luckily it was a unseasonably warm day and I didn’t end up with pneumonia. But my ego took a battering anyway. Right after we left, the rain started on, so we ended up at a friend’s flat to take shelter, ordering take out and watching movies in borrowed clothes until we dried out! Had so much fun that day though. Just a shame I seem to have messed up my knee again!

Not to self: Avoid Ikea boat trips and Ice Skating!! :)

Thanksgiving was the next big thing. I decided not to take any holidays and save them for Christmas instead. We were given the Thursday off, so I went into Manhattan to try and see the Macy’s Parade. Got there a little late and missed most of it, mainly due to being so short that I had issues trying to see over people’s heads to actually see the parade, even though the floats are huge!! Grumble. Managed to get some pictures, so it wasn’t a total loss. Had some lunch at a diner just off 34th street with some mates afterwards before they headed up to the Poconoe’s to stay in a cabin for the weekend. I went home, changed and headed to Brooklyn to have dinner. A new friend from my volunteer group invited me over to Williamsburgh, so we ended up having a fabulous time there. Lots of turkey, mulled wine and silly party games afterwards. Had to leave a little bit early as I had to be in work the next morning, which was a little difficult considering the amount of mulled wine I had managed to consume without noticing. Whoops.

My new manager let us leave work at 1pm the next day, so I went for lunch with a colleague on Manahattan before heading home. Ever the cool one, I managed to fall asleep for a few hours when I got in. Clearly having red meat and a beer at lunchtime can knock me for six. Sigh. Had a quiet weekend, got some much-needed sleep and attempted to catch up on my novel writing. Which was going particularly poorly. Have a new idea now so it has picked up a little! That’s not to say it is actually any good though!!

Once December hit, I realized that it was actually approaching Christmas and I had better do something about it. Put together some Christmas shopping one Saturday (Times Square and Macy’s on a Saturday, not to be underestimated!!!) and then managed to post it the next Monday. Cost me $40 to post a parcel home to my old work! I also organized some presents for my family, got them posted, and relied on good old and Snapfish for the rest of it!! At least they are getting something!! I also made a ton of Christmas cards, so they are in the post and sorted. So now I can sit back and only have to worry about getting my roommate something! Which I have a week to worry about!

My friend is coming out for 2 weeks over the Christmas period, which I absolutely cannot wait for. She will be here on Monday night, and I have managed to get some time off work to spend with her. So Christmas day will be spent in another flat, eating and getting boozy (don’t tell mum) and then we have booked Bryant Park Grill for New Year’s Eve. Cannae wait!!!

And now I have looked out the window and the big snow strorm that was promised has finally hit! Which may put the kibosh on the Christmas party I was supposed to go to in Brooklyn tonight. Hmmm…