Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am absolutely hopeless at keeping up with this thing. Even though I have had all the time in the world recently. You'd think that as a jobless hobo-bum I would use my down time creatively and finish writing tons of blogs that have been piling up in my head or start writing more chapters in the books I started. But no. I've sat about and procrastinated and watched tv and stared mindlessly at Facebook for months. In fairness I spent the rest of the time job hunting, but still; bad, bad hobo.

So I'm back from New York. For almost 4 months now. Bah. The last few months of the year were amazing and I was terrified of returning home. Then in the last 2 weeks I decided to do something I thought I'd never be able to do; run a 10k through Central Park as part of Tartan Week. Which was a great idea, in theory. I neglected to train properly due to all the other things I had going on in the run up to going home and the race quickly arrived on a dreary drizzly day. Blah. Which was perfectly reminiscent of home actually. Halfway round I felt something twang in my right thigh, but was too stubborn (i.e. stupid) to stop and kept jogging, albeit in extreme pain. By the end of the race I could barely move and burst into tears the minute I crossed the line. There was a mate waiting for me and he had to help me home as I couldn't walk. In the end it transpired that I had ruptured a tendon in my thigh and it left me on crutches.

Being this was in America, I was prescribed uber strong Vicodin tablets and managed to get hold of some crutches, but it left me housebound for the final week since all public transport involved masses of stairs and crowds. I couldn't even get to work. Cost me $70 each way on the one day I did get in to clear out my desk. Gutted doesn't even cover how I felt. Mainly because I was supposed to be going to Colorado for a week at the end of the internship to ride at a ranch. But since I couldn't walk, riding was out of the question too. Cue large arguement with the insurance company when I got home, since I had to book another earlier flight home and an exciting yet painful journey home. Ending with me being wheeled up to my parents in a wheelchair announcing that I was home. Not quite what I had in mind to be honest.

The one good thing that came out of this all I suppose is that the effort of hauling myself around on crutches for 6 weeks burned off alot of fat and calories which made a huge difference to my appearance. I came home to find I could fit into clothes that I was struggling to zip up before I left the UK, which was a complete shock. I've been trying to keep it off by eating healthily and not snacking as much, but even though I started off well, it seems to be falling by the wayside a bit as I can see it starting to pile back on again.

My leg has healed, enough that I can go running again and have taken up Step Aerobics (actually surprised my leg has supported me doing this) and hopefully will be able to ride soon (although thats more a cash flow issue than a injury one) which should help the cause. I just need to get myself a proper job and get myself out of this bored funk that I have fallen into and I think I will find my motivation. Come out, come out wherever you are!!