Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confessions of a disgruntled jeweller...part 2

"Do you stock wedding rings?"

"Yes we do. Would you like to see some out the window?"

- Much trying on , umming and decisions later -

"Now let's work out your size..Ok you are a size J, it's pretty small, but according to the system we can order if for you in only 4 days!"

"Order? We are getting married tomorrow. Do you not keep it in stock?"

"No, we only keep one of each ring in stock, and we have to order the rest in, especially in that small a size."

"That's ridiculous! Call yourselves a jeweller! Were never coming back in here again!"

*stalks off*

"Thank you!! Have a nice day to you too sir!!"

*Runs in back of store*

"What does he think this is?? A warehouse? If we had every single ring in this store in every size then we would be the size of fricking Macro!! And need a gazillion security guards!! He's crazy!! Why do they do this to me?? Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!"

*Takes in startled expressions of colleagues*

"Ok, I'm done. Sorry."

"Good morning sir, can I help you look for something in particular?"

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