Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The best laid plans of opportunists

After last weekend, I was looking forward to having a relatively quiet time this week. I was still fairly tired, and really needed a few early nights to try and reset myself. Of course, the minute I tell myself that I need to relax and just go to bed... i jinx myself. And then it never happens.
After work on Monday I intend on the early bed (first attempt), go home and remember that I have a whole basket of clothes to iron. sigh ok, so I start that. Distracting myself the entire time by playing Stephen Lynch video's on YouTube and going back to the laptop to hear it better. This adds approx 20 minute to the almost 2 hours I spent ironing. I am standing next to the aircon in my room because the heat is becoming unbearable and I can feel myself starting to become crabbit due to tiredness.

Finish the ironing. Finally. Put it all away. Then remember that I have to use the screwdriver that we borrowed from the Housing Director to put together the clothes horse that Miss J and I bought about a month ago, and have been balancing clothes on precariously ever since. Now you would think that screwing a couple of little screws into a pathetically flimsy wooden frame would not be a hard task... wrong!! But then I can be the most incompetant person that I know sometimes. In the end I am sitting on the floor of my room, uncomfortably noticing that the floor needs a sweep (bleugh), trying to make the screw actually bite into the wood and not just slip into the plastic rod on the other side, cursing in frustration. Why do I live in an all girls flat?? Doug kindly offers to help, but since he is in frickin' Dundee, that offer is somewhat redundant (thanks anyway sweetie!). Eventually cobble the damn thing together, resist the urge to give it a kick for fear of it falling apart again, and return the screwdriver to the kitchen table. Decide not to attempt hanging the gigantic NY skyline photo that we have, for fear of knocking a hole into the flat next door. Will actually call someone of the Y chromosome for that one methinks!

After tidying up my mess, making lunch for the next day, washing my hair and doing a final obsessive check on facebook, I tumble into bed. And awake the next day at 6.30 in a gloriously good mood. and if you believe that, then you really don't know me. Luckily for Miss J, she was staying with her parents, or she would have been subject to my alarms blaring and me cursing as I stub my toe on the bed and shamble into the bathroom. Dress, breakfast and then flee out the door in an attempt to be at work for quarter to 8.

It works and I get there on time, sort out the training room, on me own for the second time I may add, get everyone in there, thank the conference staff profusley for not rearranging the tables overnight (loonnng story) and then collapse at my desk. Close up training later that evening, and then subway to Rockefeller to get to the Microsoft building for my lecture that evening. Am quite looking forward to it, as it is the Race topic, a subject I am fairly passionate about. Sadly, I start to doze off and probably make a amusing sight as I struggle to keep my eyes open while avoiding eye contact with the lecturer. I think my note taking suffered somewhat in that session.

Pad out of lecture room and meet Miss N, Mr C, Mr D and Mr R. All agree that we are tired and we are going to head straight back to NJ, perhaps tomorrow night? Yes good plan. (second attempt) Rest tonight. hah

At this juncture I blame Mr C for being the main instigator here. 'It's such a nice night, we should just have one drink and enjoy the evening.' A chorus of agreement follows. My befuddled brain is telling me that I really really want to go home and get some sleep, but the other little part is telling me to stop being such a loser and just go enjoy myself and not miss out. Stupid brain decides to obey the little voice and soon enough we are in Greenwich and in Off The Wagon. My second wind appears out of nowhere and I start to really enjoy myself. Luckily for us we seem to have landed in the middle of 'College Night' where the pitchers are only $8 instead of $14 like the previous Friday. Now this is when my stingy scottish roots kick in, courtesy of my father, it is more economical to buy myself a pitcher of beer for $8 than another soco for $7 is it not?? Well then. It's not an excuse, it's budgeting.

Conveniently enough, some nice lassies start coming around passing out some complimentary vodka shots. Passion fruit energy drink mixed with vodka. Interesting yet surprisingly tasty. With a brain kick, lol. Poor Mr R looked a bit dazed :) After that, we move ourselved upstairs so some could partake in a game of BeerPong, which I surmise is to do with throwing a ball into your opponents cup of beer, which they then must drink if you manage it. I have even less co-ordination than I have map reading skills, so I doubt it's something I will be indulging in anytime soon! Sit and natter with Mr C instead. Mr D and Miss N soon return as racous losers, and we do a round of stupid photographs until my battery runs out. Possibly from Mr D taking about 7 videos by accident.

Stagger back to PATH station where the floor looks mightily comfortable and wait until the train arrives. Highly eventful. Amuse the doorman by toddling in and then have issues locating my bed once I get in. Again, lucky Miss J!

Proceed to have a very quiet week from then on in. Work off bleariness on Wed by going to the gym with Miss N and feel much better for it. On the Thursday I am put forward to attend the course that I am organising due to lack of numbers. Once the paralysing fear has left my upper body, I start to enjoy it. Presenting with Success, a course that strikes terror into my heart. It involves standing up in front of strange people and having to actually talk to them. Did I mention I don't like doing that? I don't even like having to stand up and talk in front of people I do know, as the EJ staffers will attest to. if you remember my commission presentation then try to forget it!! So I am not a happy bunny. What also helps is that due to being late to bed after the gym on Wed, I went to sleep with wet hair and woke up looking like I had been electrocuted. Never of course thinking that I would have to present, I just went with it.

Now I find out I am being VIDEOTAPED while presenting!! whit!!! argh!!! Give a 2 min pres on the wonder of me, and manage to make them laugh, hopefully with me and not at me. Have to immediately watch the replay in the wee room next door. I sound like a petrified scottish hamster on crack... it's not pleasant. Must breathe in future. Have to give second presentation that afternoon. Since all the other participants are doing their practice for a important work review in a few weeks, I decide to do one on my business..Or at least my old business. Yes... diamonds!!! Stand up and give them a run through of the 4 C's, and all the other details they will probably never need. Try to imagine that I am talking to a customer and feel slightly better about it. Am told that I was actually rather good, if a little fast. Again with the breathing. I get lots of questions at the end, which makes me feel quite good, as i know a heck of a lot about something that they don't. Woot! Again the video is excruciating, but not as bad as last time.

Friday is Maroon 5 day!!!

Sooooooooo excited. Miss J and I both get up at 6am to get ready to go to Bryant Park. It is an absolutely toasting morning, muggy and clammy, so while everyone is in casual duds, I am in my trews and shirt/sweater combo due to the non-dress-down fridays. Argh. Anyway! Get to Bryant Park, and after a lot of faffing by the tech guys, Maroon 5 appear on stage. One word...BUFF!!!! Adam Levine is so fiiiiiiiiinne!!!!! All worth it in that single minute!! :) They eventually start playing and even though they only manage 3 songs I still really enjoyed it. Will have to find out where they are playing next. Got some shots, but I now realise that my camera zoom is pants and I will have to be getting myself a new one. Gonna need your help MacV!!!

Slouch off to work in a fug of Adam Levine lust and general heatwave. Cool down in the office before heading downstairs to the second day of the course. Had intented to at least have decent hair today, i.e. not curly, but the heat has seen that plan, taken it, stomped all over it, and then put it back on my head. Ah well. Give second presentation. This time with Power Point. I do it on Prestige Brand watches. So I have made slides with Tag Heur, Rado and Omega watches. (you proud Sheila? )and proceed to fandazzle them all with my indepth knowledge of chronometers, chronographs and automatic co-axial movements!!! felt very awesome. Again got lots of questions, including one about how to fix someones watch! heheh.. 'Well sir, how old is your watch? Has it has a service?? :) I left the day with my videotape and a overwhelming need to go fondle some expensive watches again. I miss my sparkly toys!!!

This evening I had thought I would be having a quiet night in at someone's flat, but end up on 1st Ave and 1st St (?) in an r'n'b club with 8 others. Have a little drink, do a little dance... and then go home. Knackered. Not really in the mood for it that night. Too tired. Plus I didn't know half of the music that was playing. As much as I love to dance, I sometimes need to know the song. Plus I was feeling like a bag lady as I had gotten ready in like 5 min flat and was probably frightening the general populus of the club. Took a long time getting home due to frickin' non existant subway trains. But bed was soon there.

Sat I spent at the mall with Miss J's parents. We all went for some dinner at Bertucci's later on. Mainly to get out of the rain as it started to hammer down and I had to go rescue them from Ole with some borrowed brollies (thanks Mr M!), before taking refuge. Then it was back to the flat to fight over the shower with Jill before getting ready for the flat party we were having. Some people turned up before I had even showered, so they got the hobo ilinga. Lovely.

Good night, had some beer, chatted to some people, watched them all clear out as they headed to Brooklyn, cleared up the flat surprisingly quickly, then went to someone else's flat for about haf an hour before deciding that I was far too drunk and tired to be bothered. Left, pressed button, got distracted, got in lift, managed to decend to lobby when I actually wanted to go up, staggered in, showered, went to bed with good ol' facebook. again with the drunken facebooking..... Mr M comes to the door looking for his brolly that I had pilfered earlier. Give it back, have chat, don't remember too much of it, go back to bed. Sleep.

Wake on Sun not feeling too hot. End up at Pride Parade in Greenwich with Miss N in the afternoon. Watch the parade and wonder at the very varied outfits on display, and wander around some of the stalls in the markety bit before the heavens open and we get drenched. Some policemen decide to close Christopher St Path station due to the crowds, so we have to walk to another one. Can't find 9th so end up at 14th st. Get home, go to gym for hr and 1.2, go food shopping. Eat dinner. Watch Last Samurai on tv, feel motivated to go buy the novel again. (did I give you that back Sheila?) Manage to stay up till 1am chatting with Miss J, before getting to sleep.

You can probably tell I am getting a bit fed up of typing towards the end here. I apologise, but it is now a minute to midnight and I am tired. Wasn't intending to take this long, or write this much. But I think you know what I am like, and a quick discription is not my way. So if you have made it thus far then I congratulate you. You probably hate me now, if not all ready. If you have no idea what I have been rambling on about, that's what you get for being nosey :)

And with that I am off to aggrivate my flat mates by having a shower and then drying my hair at midnight...mwhahahaha.... ;)

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