Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I can't believe how manic this week has been. I wrote this last week, but didn't have time to edit it or post it. After all the non-stop 4th of July weekend, it was nice (kind of) to get back to work on Monday and just relax a little bit. Sadly, I managed to stay awake all Sunday night, again. I think TPTB just want me to feel like a truck has hit me come Monday morning. Which always improves on the normal Monday morning feeling!

Nothing of note really happened Monday or Tuesday. Role-play meeting on Monday evening. Confirmed that I am indeed playing the part of Abraham Lincoln and I will need to do some research on his part in the Succession of the Southern States. still working on that one.... Missed PATH train on Tuesday, but gained massive bruise on hip from whacking off a barrier in the skirmish to get to the doors before they closed. Unsuccessful, managed to wrangle bag out from vice like grip and watched Mr D pull away while Mr R and I waited for the next one :).

By Wednesday things were busying up at work. I had an event to attend early Wednesday morning, and then the Mets game during the evening. Sadly the day started off in a very poor fashion.

Clearly karma striketh... although for what I am unsure...
Was up on time (6am) left the building on time 7.10am. Even had a bite to eat. Filled a water bottle. Got to Path station. Rummaged around bag looking for PATH ticket. Hand got a bit damp, figured I had brushed off a wet tree or something on the way in. Whack bruised hip off turnstile on way through (I now have a lump from Tuesday night and the colours are phenomenal), attempt not to squeal in pain. Stand on escalator. Realise leg is wet.


Look at handbag and see water dripping out of it. Open bag. Locate miniature swimming pool gathering at bottom. Stupid bottle is leaking its entire contents into my handbag. Over everything. Manage to salvage phone, ipod, wallet and diary into lunch bag. Stand on platform and tip bag upside down to watch water pour out of it. Stand on PATH with some friends and watch rivers of water run across floor towards people's feet. Said people look at me as if to say 'Did you know your bag was leaking?'
Yes!! I know!! :(
Remove myself from train and leave unexplained puddle in my wake. V train pulls into station the minute we hit the platform. Too good to be true. We get on it. I have 30 minutes to spare. Train stops 30 seconds into tunnel. And doesn't move for 20 minutes. For the second time in 2 days. Train ahead has automatic brakes on and they will have to send someone out to investigate it.

Sit and wring out various possessions and create another river down middle of subway carriage. Amuse everyone. Get off subway, enter building. Put bag on x-ray scanner, leave damp patch, glare at security men and dare them to mention it. Go upstairs, place 45 name tags in alphabetical order. Smile and say good morning. Mostly ignored. Leave. Go back to subway. Get on only un-air-conditioned carriage. Swelter. At least it's only one stop.

Arrive at desk. It's still only 9.05am... Attempt to dry off handbag through out the day and do the rest of my work. Also discover why bottle leaked. Only put wrong damn lid on the bottle didn't I??? sigh.

Summer Intern, fellow interns Mr L, Miss S and I get ready to head off to the Mets game that evening. Get the 7 train all the way to Shea stadium. Miss S and I spot the Science Towers near the stadium that are in the first Men In Black film (the ones that turn into the spaceship at the end of the film when the big buggie thing is trying to go home), and get very excited. Noone else does...

Join throng entering the stadium and wander round to our section. We are on third base. Miss S and I come up with various innuendo based comments about the security guards frisking everyone as they come in... I believe 'Miss S gets felt up at 3rd base' was one of them. :) Mature as always! Sit in our seats and proceed to watch the game. Have to ask Summer Intern to explain the rules of the game, as we watch what appears to be 3 strikes and the batter isn't declared out. 'Its a ball', Summer Intern explains patiently... yes I am aware it's a ball, they are hitting it... 'No.. a ball is where the pitch doesn't fall in the correct area over the plate'. ...oooohhhhhh... and so it makes a little more sense now. Stupid Ilinga

Witness a home run, and everyone gets a little over-excited, including Mr L who advises the Giants to 'Eat That!!'. hehehe. Eventually the rain come on big time, we are so high up that we are under cover, but eventually the wind turns and we start to get wet. This leads to my Facebook status of ‘Ilinga was at 3rd base with the Mets tonight, but it ended up a bit of a damp squib and she left disappointed!’ We found it funny at the time! Soon enough we decide to make a run for it, especially since it is almost 9 and Summer Intern still has a 2-hour jurney home. Miss S and I arrive home about 10 due to the Hoboken trains not running and our line being stowed. And toasting!! Bed and fall asleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow.

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